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  • Completing my Personal “Tilikum Grand Slam”

    I’ll admit I had a head start. I enjoyed preview rides on both MAX and Streetcar. During yesterday’s opening festivities, I had the chance to cross both on MAX and on foot. And today I cycled east across our wonderful new bridge, and then made the return journey with my bike on the front of a […]

  • TriMet Southeast Draft Service Plan

    The last of TriMet’s Service Improvement Plans, this one focusing on the Southeast–pretty much everything south of Division and east of the Willamette River–is now up for public review and comment.  A brief description, and my thoughts.

  • Rethinking bus service in Gresham and East County

    This past week, TriMet released its first draft proposal for improved bus service in East County (essentially, anything east of Interstate 205 and north of Mt. Scott).  Like the recently similar proposal for the SW Metro area, the new Eastside Plan is an effort being done in parallel with a rapid transit project (the Powell/Division […]

  • More Canadian Double Talls!

    Ron Swaren is a regular reader and frequent commenter on Portland Transport Regional Edmonton, Alberta transit agency Strathcona County Transit purchased 14 double decker buses in 2013 for the Sherwood Park to downtown Edmonton route of approximately 8 miles. These are the familiar design used in other Canadian cities, the Alexander Dennis Enviro 500, with […]

  • Making BRT faster

    No, I’m not talking about travel speeds.  As Portland currently has no BRT, there’s nothing to make faster (other than existing local bus service, over which any decent BRT would be an improvement). Instead, I’m talking about rolling out BRT faster. Right now, Portland has two BRT (or potential BRT) projects that have advanced passed […]