Completing my Personal “Tilikum Grand Slam”

I’ll admit I had a head start. I enjoyed preview rides on both MAX and Streetcar.

During yesterday’s opening festivities, I had the chance to cross both on MAX and on foot.

And today I cycled east across our wonderful new bridge, and then made the return journey with my bike on the front of a #9 TriMet bus, completing the cycle of all the modes allowed!

[For the record I plan to neither skateboard nor rollerblade across the bridge.]

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7 responses to “Completing my Personal “Tilikum Grand Slam””

  1. Of course, you haven’t crossed the Tilikum the real Portland way until you’ve done it by unicycle.

    Since I had yesterday afternoon off and already had to go downtown for a meeting, I decided to do a first-time Orange Line ride across the bridge to the Milwaukie stop and back. Although malfunctioning signals at the OMSI stop delayed us in both directions and the train often seemed to have been held to a slower speed than it could’ve gone, it was a pleasant ride. The train was crowded and and the Tacoma St. park-and-ride lot was mostly full. (I wish there was a bona-fide transit center in Milwaukie, but that was already discussed in a previous post.)

  2. During the bridge pedal preview, I saw a bulldog skateboarding across the bridge! He was just finishing his crossing (east to west) and was doing really well. If I recall, the guys accompanying him called him “Rudy”. I think they had a GoPro, so a search of YouTube may find it.

  3. Wait! You & your bike were on the front of the bus?!? :) OK, I know that’s not what you meant, but it gives me an idea. I wonder how much fun it would be to put a lawn chair on the bike rack on the front of a bus and sit there….

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