KBOO Bike Show: Latinas En Bici

  Listen to the show (mp3, 27MB) April talks with Sofia Reyes and Olivia Barraza of Latinas En Bici, a group that increases ridership and community among Hispanic women in Arkansas. In the second half, long-time co-host Tori Bortman discusses her future plans.

KBOO Bike Show: World Bicycle Relief

  Listen to the show (mp3, 27MB) Michelle Porter provides a report on how essential workers who bike to work are faring in the pandemic. Alon interviews Eric Showell of Word Bicycle Relief about their efforts to provide bicycles around the world as an anti-poverty tool.

KBOO Bike Show: Native American Experience

  Listen to the show (mp3, 26.5MB) Alon interviews Sky Wildcat of the Cherokee Nation, including a discussion of the “Rember the Removal” ride commemorating the Trail of Tears. In the second half, Tori speaks with Shayna Powless and Eli Ankou of the Dreamcatcher Foundation, which aims to inspire Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth living on and […]

KBOO Bike Show: Black Girls Do Bike

  Listen to the show (mp3, 26.5MB) Tori speaks with Keyonda McQuarters of Black Girls Do Bike PDX about her role as “shero” of the Portland chapter, building community and guiding women of color to a great biking experience.

KBOO Bike Show: Cycling in a Pandemic

  Listen to the show (mp3, 25.6MB) April, Tori and Alon interview folks about the pandemic and the impact it’s had on bikes and cycling: Joe Partridge, Senior Manager, Business Continuity, Safety and Facilities at CareOregon Dave Guettler of River City Bicycles Warren Logan, Policy Director of Mobility and Interagency Relations at Oakland Mayor’s Office