More Canadian Double Talls!

Ron Swaren is a regular reader and frequent commenter on Portland Transport

Regional Edmonton, Alberta transit agency Strathcona County Transit purchased 14 double decker buses in 2013 for the Sherwood Park to downtown Edmonton route of approximately 8 miles.

These are the familiar design used in other Canadian cities, the Alexander Dennis Enviro 500, with base manufactured in Scotland, but which for the Snohomish County (WA) agency were completed in California. These are also in service in Ottawa, Victoria and Kelowna, BC.

The 14 double-decker buses were jointly funded through Strathcona County’s Transit reserve ($3.485 M) and the Alberta government’s Basic Municipal Transportation grant ($2.885 M). Edmonton Transit System (I think) was the other financial partner. These buses usually cost $800,000 each—so that would be about $11 million.

According to the county, the buses allow for 37 per cent more seating capacity, 21 per cent more total passenger capacity and are five to 17 per cent more cost effective over the lifetime of the bus.

The buses, which were tested and compared to several other options — including articulated buses, highway buses and conventional buses — will be fully accessible with seating for 80 passengers, according to Strathcona Transit.

Community Transit has claimed as many as 100-110 riders on their similar design ( in the caffeinated Seattle area, hence the nickname “Double Tall.”)

Al Moore, a Strathcona Transit trainer and operator, was interviewed by a local broadcasting company in the accompanying video.

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