TriMet Southeast Draft Service Plan

The last of TriMet’s Service Improvement Plans, this one focusing on the Southeast–pretty much everything south of Division and east of the Willamette River–is now up for public review and comment.  A brief description, and my thoughts.

Proposed changes

  • 7170: In addition to the changed routing in North/Central (serving Swan Island instead of NE 33rd), it will no longer detour via SE 13th into Sellwood, but stay on SE 17th through the Sellwood and Westmoreland neighborhoods.
  • 43: When new Sellwood Bridge is complete, will run from Washington Square to Clackamas Town Center via Taylors Ferry, Sellwood Bridge, Johnson Creek, 82nd, Otty, Stevens, and Sunnyside.
  • Line Y (new line):  The extension of the Line Y in the N/C plan, this will serve 28th to Reed College, take over service to Union Manor/SE Rex (currently done by 19), cross Bybee to Westmoreland, south on 13th to Sellwood, and end (apparently) south of Sellwood.
  • 152.  Service between Milwaukie and Oregon City via International to Clackamas, Webster Road to Gladstone, and then Washington Street to OCTC.  Six-day service.
  • 32:  Seven day service from Milwaukie to Clackamas Community College via Oatfield, 15th, Division, and Molalla.
  • 75:  All trips to serve Milwaukie.
  • 10: Add weekend service.
  • 19: Remove deviation to Union Manor (now taken up by line Y).
  • 29: Combined with 155, service between Milwaukie and Happy Valley via Lake Road, OR224, 82nd, and Sunnyside Road.
  • Line X:  New service between Happy Valley and Oregon City, via Sunnyside, 152nd, OR212/224, Webster, Jennings, and McLoughlin.
  • 30.  Increased service on weekends
  • 79: Increased service
  • “Community connectors” in Clackamas industrial area, and through much of Oregon City.

This list doesn’t include the list of bus changes which will happen when the Orange Line opens.



In no particular order:

  • A dumb question–but why does the 19 (and under the new proposal, the Line Y) deviate to Union Manor/SE Rex?  I’m not familiar with the neighborhood, but it appears to be a detour serving nothing but large-lot single-family homes.
  • I like the proposed 43 route very much.  I would like it better if it went to Beaverton TC instead of Washington Square on the west side.
  • I also like Route X, and the combination of 29 and 155.  E/W connectivity in Clackamas County has long been an issue, in large part because of geography.
  • While not on this list–one of the planned MAX-related changes is having the 154 run between Willamette and Clackamas Heights, and having OCTC being the southern terminus of the 34 (which will combine with the 28).  In the SW SEP, however, it is proposed to change the 154 to run between Willamette and Lake Oswego, discontinuing service along Borland Road to Oregon City.
  • Speaking of Borland Road, would like it very much were the 79 to continue to Tualatin.  (If this is done, then the 152 could be extended to Clackamas Heights instead).
  • Having the 32 continue southeast on Beavercreek Road and entering Clackamas CC from the east (and providing a short walk to Oregon City High School) would be highly beneficial.
  • Would do the following instead:  Run the 29 on Lake road to Harmony Road to CTC instead of using 224.  (The reason TriMet may not like this route is to avoid the UPRR grade crossing on Harmony Road).
  • Would like to see a bus line along Thiessen Avenue, perhaps also serving Oak Grove between McLoughlin and River, ending at the Park Avenue station.
  • Would consider swapping the 10 and the 19 east of 52nd, with the 10 providing a mostly-diagonal route to Lincoln Memorial Park, and the 19 running to Lents.  Have also previously endorsed combining the 19 with the 122nd leg of the 71 and ending it in Sellwood, or continuing it across the bridge to the west side somewhere.  Could then extend the 32 north along Milwaukie Avenue into downtown, though that might be too long of a route.

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