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  • TriMet Southeast Draft Service Plan

    The last of TriMet’s Service Improvement Plans, this one focusing on the Southeast–pretty much everything south of Division and east of the Willamette River–is now up for public review and comment.  A brief description, and my thoughts.

  • TriMet North Central Draft Service Plan

    Guest author Cameron Johnson is a regular Portland Transport reader. This week, in a much smaller time gap than there was between the SW and Eastside plans, TriMet released the North Central Draft Proposal for improved bus service. (North Central means all of NE above Burnside and west of the 205, North Portland, and inner…

  • Rethinking bus service in Gresham and East County

    This past week, TriMet released its first draft proposal for improved bus service in East County (essentially, anything east of Interstate 205 and north of Mt. Scott).  Like the recently similar proposal for the SW Metro area, the new Eastside Plan is an effort being done in parallel with a rapid transit project (the Powell/Division…

  • TriMet Electronic Fare Survey

    TriMet is seeking community input on how to name and promote the electronic fare system they are working on.

  • Ever Wanted to Drive a MAX Train?

    I once got to drive a Streetcar on a test track in the Czech Republic. If you’d like to take a spin on the MAX test track at Ruby Junction, TriMet is running a sweepstakes…