Category: Transit Tools

  • Transit Board(tm): New and Improved

    The original Transit Board UI The Transit Board™ display application has been the primary display mode for our Transit Appliance project, featuring a paging display ordered by the timing of vehicle arrival. It has served us well, but it’s not perfect. The display was somewhat busy and – especially when trying to display many lines…

  • Chicago Crowdsources its Transit App

    Via Planetizen: Chicago is going to Kickstarter to build the ultimate transit app. Could Portland do this to get something even better than the much-beloved PDX Bus? Should we do something like this for the interface on our Transit Appliances?

  • Not All Transit Apps are on the iPhone

    Here’s one from Nokia, running on the Windows Phone platform. I’m quite intrigued by the UI.

  • 40 Inches of Transit Appliance Goodness

    Our latest Transit Appliance is installed at the 1201 Lloyd building in the Lloyd District (near the Quiznos). I think it’s probably the best example to date of what our flat-screen appliance vision is about. It’s a 40-inch Toshiba TV, beautifully wall-mounted. It’s already getting very favorable comments from building tenants. Big thanks to the…

  • Making Transit More Useable, One Building Lobby at a Time

    We installed two new Transit Appliances this week, in the lobbies of City Hall and the Portland Building (upgrading the Portland Building countertop unit to a flat screen). This is the first deployment of a new release of our flat screen distribution, and the new release supports WiFi, which simplifies a lot of installations. Thanks…