Category: Transit Tools

  • The Hand That Feeds Us

    Portland Transport’s transit tools, including the Transit Appliance, depend on the web services provided by TriMet (and NextBus). And those web services at core get their information from TriMet’s dispatch and vehicle tracking systems. Next week’s PSU Transportation Seminar will look under the hood at how those systems work and how they’re being updated for…

  • Would You Like Some Car Sharing with Your Transit?

    Maybe we’ll now have to rename it the mobility appliance, but you can now show the nearest car2go vehicles on your transit appliance. If you’d like to add this to your configuration, get in touch! Now when are we getting bike sharing, and will it have a web service?

  • New Line, New Display, New Restaurant

    I honor of the opening of the Streetcar Loop line today, Portland Transport has created a new version of our Transit Board display application that is intended for locations that are on one or both of our streetcar lines, and where streetcar would be the primary transit option (this app does not show MAX or…

  • Tracking the New Streetcar Line

    It’s opening day! I’ll shortly be leaving for OMSI for the speechifying for the new Streetcar Loop line, officially know as the “CL” line (Central Loop). If you want to know when to catch the new train, your options are a little bit limited today, but getting better quickly. Local app developers have to translate…

  • Open Trip Planner Goes Production at TriMet

    I’ve enthused here before about what a game changer the Open Trip Planner is. TriMet has just announced that their implementation, which has been in beta for a number of months (and which many folks I know use as their first choice for a trip planning) is now released in production. Happy trips!