Tracking the New Streetcar Line

It’s opening day!

I’ll shortly be leaving for OMSI for the speechifying for the new Streetcar Loop line, officially know as the “CL” line (Central Loop).

If you want to know when to catch the new train, your options are a little bit limited today, but getting better quickly. Local app developers have to translate between the NextBus web service and TriMet’s nomenclature and schedules. And we’re all busy with our conversions right now!

Our own Transit Appliance system is up-to-date (and indeed, later this weekend, I’ll announce a new display format to celebrate the new line). And TriMet’s Transit Tracker has the new line integrated.

PDXBus’ Andy Wallace made a heroic effort to get a revision in the app store in time, but didn’t make it because of some incomplete information coming from NextBus – but he’s rushing to catch up.

My Transit Surfer mobile app (I may be the only user left) will require a significant overhaul to work with the new line, it may be a few weeks.

Other apps will probably catch up at different rates.

If you’re looking for real time arrivals on your phone today for the CL line, TriMet’s mobile version of Transit Tracker ( is your best bet!

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