Transit Board(tm): New and Improved


The original Transit Board UI

The Transit Board™ display application has been the primary display mode for our Transit Appliance project, featuring a paging display ordered by the timing of vehicle arrival.

It has served us well, but it’s not perfect. The display was somewhat busy and – especially when trying to display many lines and stops – the text could be small. Multiple arrivals for a given route also chew up a lot of screen real estate.

So I’ve been watching what’s going on in other cities – and since great artists steal – I was inspired by this display in DC (which also incorporates bike share – something for our future!).

Here’s our version, now dubbed “Transit Board™ By Line”:


The design deliberately gives prioritized weight to critical information. First priority is the line designator (also color coded for MAX lines) followed by the time of the next arrival and then the destination/terminus. Other information like boarding point, route name and second arrival is given less emphasis.

Bonus points for anyone who can tell me what the color coding for the bus lines means.


The arrivals are ordered by line (starting with rail lines – sue me) and then direction – so often (but not always) inbound and outbound trips will be paired (split destination routes can also muck with this).

This is just about ready for prime time – we’ve been testing it at the Portland Building and at the 1201 Lloyd lobby. It’s now in the configuration tool and we’ll be converting units over gradually. And of course we’ll keep looking for opportunities for improvement.


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