Category: Transit Oriented Development

  • How important are new riders to transit, and how hard should the region work to attract them?

    A discussion of the importance of new ridership to TriMet, and how hard the region should work to woo them.

  • Video Feature – Neil McFarlane Interview – Part 3

    Here is the next segment in our interview with TriMet’s new General Manager, Neil McFarlane. This time, we discuss TriMet’s health care obligations, the financial future of LIFT Service, and whether and how to replace the current fare system. The complete list and schedule, after the break:

  • Transit-Oriented Real Estate

    I recently received an e-mail from a representative of, a real estate service that will help you find your dream home based on any number of criteria, including Walkscore and distance to your favorite transit line!

  • Slumburbs?

    An article on, found by way of Planetizen, goes into great detail explaining the current pattern of housing demand across America, and how this will lead to a great exodus from suburbia and back into the central cities – and even into suburban cities and towns – so long as they are dense, walkable,…

  • WSJ Gets TOD

    Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal had a nice article on Transit-Oriented Development catching on across the country. When the hard-nosed financial types start to pay attention, we’re making progress…