Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal had a nice article on Transit-Oriented Development catching on across the country.

When the hard-nosed financial types start to pay attention, we’re making progress…

2 responses to “WSJ Gets TOD”

  1. Yes, TOD is catching on around the country… but I failed to see the hard-nosed financial analysis that you might expect from such a publication. This actually just seemed like a fluff piece.

    I suppose fluff is better than nothing, though. And good to see the quotes from Shelley Poticha — another Oregonian making good around the country.

  2. I’m glad to see WSJ writing up things about TODs and such. They did a long time ago too, before they where called TODs (I’ll try and find some of the articles).

    I’m also glad to know you’re picking up the WSJ regularly. It is by far one of the most under-read and oft abused newspapers in Portland. Meanwhile it is far more credible and informative (with facts that is) then the tripe that comes out of the local news establishments.

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