Transit-Oriented Real Estate

Real Estate for sale near Portland, Oregon, OR

I recently received an e-mail from a representative of, a real estate service that will help you find your dream home based on any number of criteria, including Walkscore and distance to your favorite transit line!

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  1. You picked a property which is the subject of much discussion (pro and con) amongst my neighborhood association and the Eastside MAX planning group. :-)

    Somewhat related: Somebody in one of those rowhouses apparently acquires and repairs bikes. The past few weekends, they’ve had a big bike sale with dozens of cycles in their driveway and the commercial lot across the street.

  2. It is great to see more people thinking of public transportation when considering the “location, location, location” of their next home. As gas prices begin to rise again, I am sure this trend will continue!
    While estately probably targets home owners, I am sure there are many apartments, condos and homes for lease near transportation lines where people can enjoy the benefits of a lifestyle where public transportation can be well utilized.

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