Category: Streetscapes

  • Securing the Pedestrian Realm

    An article in today’s Daily Journal of Commerce looks at whether getting Mississippi Avenue’s sidewalks to the recommended twelve feet will come at the expense of property owners who are redeveloping, or will come out of a perhaps over-wide street.

  • Beginning to Implement the Park Avenue Vision

    An article in the Daily Journal of Commerce last week suggests that the build out of Park Block 5 (next to the Fox Tower) may bring with it rebuilding the adjoining streets (Park and 9th) to begin to implement the vision of a different kind of street linking the North and South Park Blocks: “If…

  • An Intersection Can Be So Much More than Two Streets Coming Together

    An absolutely wonderful video by NYC filmmaker and transportation activist Clarence Eckerson of a local project that is part of City Repair’s Village Building Convergence.

  • Green Streets Good for Business

    Sam is pushing Green Streets (streets with treatments like swales that capture and filter stormwater) and the Daily Journal of Commerce is suggesting they could be good for business. Bonus: we get more curb extensions :-)

  • How Far Will You Walk to Transit?

    Perhaps further than you thought. A new study suggests that the distance people will walk to transit (generally assumed to be 1/4 mile or so) may be less a function of distance than of the obstacles they find along the way. Major findings: Pedestrians walk farther to access light rail stations than commonly assumed, with…