Category: Streetscapes

  • Bus Stops, Present and Future

    I snapped this picture of one of the new bus stop signs on the transit mall yesterday. It’s gorgeous, but I couldn’t help wondering where the stop id is? I’ve tried to use transit tracker a couple of times since buses came back to the mall and the first place I always look is on…

  • Lead By Example

    And what better example could we follow than this video from New York City (courtesy of Streetfilms), demonstrating a fantastic reclamation of public space.

  • Transforming the Streetscape

    Streetfilms has an incredible interview/walking tour with NYC’s transportation commissioner about what they’ve done with their streets. Sam, hurry up! We’re falling behind.

  • Service Rates Accessibility of Portland Locales

    Launched earlier this month, Where’s Lulu ( is a free, online database where Portlanders can rate and review places and services (mostly businesses) based on their accessibility. Example: Are the curb cuts next to the bus stop in front of a Stumptown Coffee Roasters wheelchair-friendly? A search tool allows for filtering using criteria such as…

  • Proposed London Car Ban Sparks Criticism

    Via Planetizen: Cars will be banned from some of London’s busiest streets as part of a bold plan to create continental-style boulevards devoted to pedestrians and cyclists. Ken Livingstone, the Mayor of London, plans to replicate Paris Plage, the beach created on a highway alongside the Seine each August, on the four-lane Victoria Embankment beside…