Service Rates Accessibility of Portland Locales

Launched earlier this month, Where’s Lulu ( is a free, online database where Portlanders can rate and review places and services (mostly businesses) based on their accessibility. Example: Are the curb cuts next to the bus stop in front of a Stumptown Coffee Roasters wheelchair-friendly? A search tool allows for filtering using criteria such as whether nearby public transit options exist. Coming up: The ability to upload photos depicting accessibility or inaccessibility of businesses.

The site was founded by a disability specialist at a Portland nonprofit and a web editor with a focus on values-based startups. The outfit’s goal? To provide info making it easier for disabled people to get from point A to point B, as well as to establish higher standards of accessibility for businesses and public places in general.

The local disabled community is already on board, with users voicing opinions on everything from just how close a Mac Store is to the MAX line, to the wheelchair maneuverability between aisles at swank Southeast eatery Noble Rot. Similar databases for the Bay Area and New York City are in the works. To join Where’s Lulu for free, or to learn more, visit

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