Category: PSU/PDOT Class

  • Gordon’s Visit

    The annual presentation by Vancouver B.C.’s Gordon Price to the PSU/PBOT Traffic and Transportation class is a must-see. Gordon has new perspectives every year: What: Gordon Price Presentation When: Thursday 10/21, 6:40 – 8:40 p.m. Where: Portland Building, 1120 SW 5th Ave, 2nd Floor Auditorium Cost: Free and Open to the Public

  • Become the Activist You’ve Always Wanted to Be

    The PSU/PBOT Traffic and Transportation Class is back for 2010! I can’t enthuse enough about this class, it has been the breeding ground for some of Portland’s most successful transportation activists. If you haven’t take this (free for citizens) class – sign up NOW!

  • Featured Class Presentation – 2009 Edition

    Each year I like to single out one class presentation from the PSU/PBOT Traffic and Transportation class. This year David Sweet’s presentation (PDF, 800K) stands out. David’s neighborhood (David is the land use/planning committee chair) wants crosswalks at several points along NE Fremont. When PBOT told them that existing policies did not support crosswalks, they…

  • An Annual Pleasure

    Every December I look forward to reviewing project presentations at the PSU/PBOT Traffic and Transportation class, and then publishing them here. Another great crop of projects this year. Here are six of them. I will feature one special one in a few days! Alexis Grant wants to make rail crossings around the city safer for…

  • Sweet 16 for Budding Transportation Activists

    Every year I effuse about the PSU/PBOT Traffic and Transportation class. This year is no different. This is absolutely the best way to become a well-grounded transportation activist in our region: Are you interested in transportation and land use issues? Neighborhood livability? Community-based projects? If so, the City of Portland has a free class to…