Featured Class Presentation – 2009 Edition


Each year I like to single out one class presentation from the PSU/PBOT Traffic and Transportation class. This year David Sweet’s presentation (PDF, 800K) stands out.

David’s neighborhood (David is the land use/planning committee chair) wants crosswalks at several points along NE Fremont. When PBOT told them that existing policies did not support crosswalks, they didn’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

Instead they leveraged Bureau of Environmental Services resources, matched with some private fundraising to create and fund a design using bioswale curb extensions to anchor their crosswalks. The result, fewer puddles during storms, cleaner storm water AND safer pedestrian crossings.

One location is in the pipeline and a second location is being planned!

The key lessons here:

  1. Don’t accept ‘NO’!
  2. Look for “twofers” – solve multiple problems with one expenditure
  3. Think outside the box, especially when looking for funding

Good work!

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