Sweet 16 for Budding Transportation Activists

Every year I effuse about the PSU/PBOT Traffic and Transportation class. This year is no different. This is absolutely the best way to become a well-grounded transportation activist in our region:

Are you interested in transportation and land use issues? Neighborhood livability? Community-based projects?

If so, the City of Portland has a free class to help you understand the nuts-and-bolts of Portland’s transportation system and how you can change it!

The City of Portland and Portland State University are teaming up for the 16th year to offer the Portland Traffic and Transportation Class. For ten weeks, this free class gives neighborhood activists the opportunity to meet with local policy makers, political leaders, and planners to gain a better understanding of the metro area’s transportation system. Class participants also work directly with former Metro Executive Officer and current Shiels Obletz Johnsen principal, Rick Gustafson, on their own neighborhood transportation or livability projects. Gustafson developed the class in concert with Congressman Earl Blumenauer and is a knowledgeable leader on transportation and community development.

Please visit the class website to learn more and to apply for a free scholarship.

The class begins the first Thursday in October and continues to meet weekly until the first week of December.

Contact Scott Cohen, City of Portland Bureau of Transportation, 503-823-5345 or scott.cohen@pdxtrans.org, for more information.

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