Category: Commuter Rail

  • I’m a Proud CTU

    Via @LitmanVPI: That would be a Cycle-Transit User, someone who combines cycling and transit to accomplish a trip. A new study out of the Mineta Transportation Institute (PDF) looks at this behavior in Philadelphia and San Francisco. A few top line conclusions: Cycling and transit act as access for each other, it’s not a one-way relationship…

  • Post-CRC Transit: Time for (Real) Commuter Rail?

    If the Columbia River Crossing mega-highway and light rail project is actually dead, a question arises: what are we to do to address mobility across the river, especially when it comes to high(er) capacity public transportation? Without the CRC, opportunity to improve transit to Clark County, Washington remains limited at best. The likelihood of a…

  • Metro Survey on Active Transportation

    Earlier this year Metro launched an interesting approach to public input in the form of their “Opt In Panel” program, an opportunity to voluntarily register to take surveys on topics of interest/action by the Metro Council. The current survey is on Active Transportation. If you haven’t already joined the program, this might be your moment.

  • Spread the Gospel!

    I had a blast at RailVolution! here in Portland this year. Next year it moves to our nation’s capital and the call for speakers is now out: We want the people who will lead the movement — people who can best share the stories that will educate, provoke and inspire conference attendees through toolbox sessions,…

  • The future of commuter rail in Portland

    A discussion of the future prospects of commuter rail (including WES) in the Portland area.