Spread the Gospel!

I had a blast at RailVolution! here in Portland this year. Next year it moves to our nation’s capital and the call for speakers is now out:

We want the people who will lead the movement — people who can best share the stories that will educate, provoke and inspire conference attendees through toolbox sessions, panel presentations, and workshops. We are calling on a wide range of speakers whose work supports and furthers our mission of building livable communities with transit.

The deadline is March 31st. More details at: http://www.railvolution.com

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One response to “Spread the Gospel!”

  1. One minor objection to your promotion… use of terms like “gospel” to refer to pro-transit positions makes it sound like it’s all a matter of faith or dogma. No offense to the religious, of course, as these things have their place, but major public policy decisions should be driven by good solid data, not by inspiring exhortations.

    The data is on our side, after all.

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