Category: Commuter Rail

  • Hard Times Ahead for TriMet?

    Indications are that TriMet’s payroll tax revenue has been strongly impacted by the recession. As a result, TriMet is looking at a 5-8% service reduction. The upcoming public process around fairless square will also be used to gather public input on these cuts. Let’s hope for a white knight: congressman Oberstar added several hundred million…

  • Upsetting the Transit Governance Apple Cart

    This City of Fairview has added an interesting item to its legislative agenda: requiring an elected board of directors for TriMet.

  • WES Preview Rides

    TriMet has limited space for members of the public on Westside Express (WES) preview rides: In addition to free WES rides on January 30 as part of the WES Commuter Rail Grand Opening Celebration, we’re now offering a limited number of preview rides on January 23, 26, 27 and 28 between 3:30 p.m. and 6…

  • What Next?

    The region has been gradually building out our high capacity transit (HCT) system based on a plan that is now about a quarter century old, and much of that vision has been fulfilled. So what happens now? Metro and TriMet have undertaken a new High Capacity Transit system plan effort, and I’ve been involved peripherally…

  • TriMet’s WES Defense

    In the O this morning, an op-ed by Fred Hansen.