Category: Bridges

  • Bridge Book at PSU Seminar

    Portland State University Center for Transportation Studies Fall 2007 Transportation Seminar Series Speaker: Sharon Wood Wortman, author of “The Portland Bridge Book” Topic: Bridge Stories When: Friday, October 19, 2007, 12:00-1:30 pm Where: 204 Urban Center

  • Bridge To Be

    Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending two hours out on the Willamette and Columbia Rivers on a jet board tour of the ‘working waterfront’ (it included the fastest trip I have ever made between the Hawthorne and Steel bridges). The purpose was to remind regional decision makers (I got on by virtue of my…

  • Whew!

    Oregon’s bridges are safe, apparently.

  • Minneapolis

    Our first thoughts of course are for the victims of the I-35 Bridge collapse, and for their families and loved ones. The natural second thought is “could it happen here?” Local officials are rushing to tell the media that, no, it can’t, but given that we don’t know why the bridge failed, it’s hard to…

  • Appreciating our Bridges

    Libby Tucker has a nice little piece in yesterday’s Daily Journal of Commerce, appreciating Portland’s bridges, and Sharon Wood Wortman whose Portland Bridge Book helps us remember their history.