Bridge To Be

Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending two hours out on the Willamette and Columbia Rivers on a jet board tour of the ‘working waterfront’ (it included the fastest trip I have ever made between the Hawthorne and Steel bridges).

The purpose was to remind regional decision makers (I got on by virtue of my MPAC seat) that much of our region’s (indeed, our state’s) economy depends on things that happen on the waterfront, so we don’t go rezone it all for view condos. Message received :-)

But on the way back as we passed one of the Port of Portland terminals I saw what looked like a bridge. And in fact it was – it’s the center span of the new Sauvie Island Bridge, which will be hoisted into place soon in a miniature re-creation of the way the Fremont Bridge was completed.

Of course, the center span of the OLD bridge will hopefully make the reverse trip up-river and eventually become a bike/ped bridge over I-405.


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