Category: Bridges

  • To Wave or Not to Wave?

    Randy Gragg has a nice post over at Portland Spaces on the two alternative designs for the Transit/Ped/Bike bridge proposed for the Milwaukie Light Rail project.

  • Oregonian Highlights Transit Bridge Designs

    An article in Wednesday’s O shows concepts for three different design variations for the transit bridge proposed as part of the Milwaukie Light Rail project. I’m not an architect, what do readers thinks?

  • Know Your Bridges

    Passed on by a reader, this site lets you find out the structural rating of all the bridges along a given route.

  • Metro managing all the bridges?

    The City of Fairview has passed a resolution requesting that Metro coordinate the repairs on all the Willamette River bridges including the Sellwood bridge:

  • Town halls to focus on funding for bridge repairs

    Multnomah County has scheduled a series of town hall meetings to present information on the condition of its Willamette River bridges and a proposal to fund their repair. County Chair Ted Wheeler will share information on the county’s 20-year capital shortfall of $490 million for its six bridges across the Willamette. Bridge repair needs range…