Category: Automobiles

  • Young People Driving Less

    We’ve talked about this phenomenon before, but last week, while I was busy with other distractions (like the City budget), the Frontier Group released a report documenting the trends. Sightline has already done a thorough story, so I’ll direct you there.

  • A New Right of Passage

    When I was sixteen, empowerment was all about getting my drivers’ licence. Now, apparently it’s about getting a smartphone…

  • The plight of the auto-dependent motorist

    A discussion of the “auto dependent” and “choice” motorists.

  • Bill Would Help Enable Peer-to-peer Car Sharing

    Passed on by car-sharing maven Dave Brooks: I’m sure you are familiar with the concept of car-sharing–a convenient, affordable and sustainable alternative to car ownership. This legislative session, a bill has been introduced to spur what I call “car-sharing 2.0” –car-sharing of private vehicles. Also known as “peer-to-peer car-sharing,” “personal vehicle car-sharing,” Personal Vehicle Carsharing…

  • Car Culture on the Wane?

    In a post titled “The Great Car Reset” creative-class guru Richard Florida documents the decline in young people getting drivers licenses.