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  • Would You Rent Out Your Car? Rent Your Neighbor’s?

    Via Planetizen: That’s what an effort in California would allow. If your car is idle for long periods of time, you could put it into a car-share pool. Likewise, you could access your neighbors’ or co-workers’ cars if they were part of the program. Over at the blog, Dave has an analysis of why…

  • Blip or Trend?

    Apparently for the first time in a long time the U.S. auto fleet dropped in size. Americans bought 10 million cars last year, but scrapped 14 million. Is this a turnaround in attitudes, or an economy-driven one-time event?

  • LA Auto Show: Nissan announces electric car partnership with Oregon

    From AutoBlogGreen: At the keynote speech this morning at the LA Auto Show, the president and CEO of Nissan/Renault, Carolos Ghosn, announced a new alliance with the start of Oregon to bring electric vehicles there in 2010. The deal will see “a supply” of zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) available to the city of Portland, Oregon and…