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Would You Rent Out Your Car? Rent Your Neighbor’s?

Via Planetizen:

That’s what an effort in California would allow. If your car is idle for long periods of time, you could put it into a car-share pool. Likewise, you could access your neighbors’ or co-workers’ cars if they were part of the program.

Over at the blog, Dave has an analysis of why the economics of this are so favorable both for car owners and the car-sharing companies.

LA Auto Show: Nissan announces electric car partnership with Oregon

From AutoBlogGreen:

At the keynote speech this morning at the LA Auto Show, the president and CEO of Nissan/Renault, Carolos Ghosn, announced a new alliance with the start of Oregon to bring electric vehicles there in 2010. The deal will see “a supply” of zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) available to the city of Portland, Oregon and to support a network of EV charging stations.

Link to full blog post with press release: