Would You Rent Out Your Car? Rent Your Neighbor’s?

Via Planetizen:

That’s what an effort in California would allow. If your car is idle for long periods of time, you could put it into a car-share pool. Likewise, you could access your neighbors’ or co-workers’ cars if they were part of the program.

Over at the carsharing.us blog, Dave has an analysis of why the economics of this are so favorable both for car owners and the car-sharing companies.


One response to “Would You Rent Out Your Car? Rent Your Neighbor’s?”

  1. This makes sense. Many who shun other modes of alternative transportation have no problem with borrowing their friends cars. Especially if it’s a valid situation, such as borrowing a pickup truck for hauling a gigantic load of whatever.

    However, not do many people see their personally-owned vehicles as a status symbol (as mentioned in the Streetsblog article), but also as a symbol of “it’s mine, you can’t have it;” especially those who purposely buy very expensive autos for the main reason of showing off to the rest of the general public just how much money they had to spend on a vehicle. Add this into the increased rate of personal consumption of all goods and services used to prop up the economy, and the vehicle manufacturers as well as oil companies and vehicle service businesses will probably try to put this on the backburner for a very long time. (Which is all the reason for individuals to promote it.)

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