Category: Car Free

  • An Integrated Vision for Car-Lite Life

    Helsinki is on a campaign to reduce auto reliance. One of their strategies is integrating a trip-planning tool with a single-payment system for a variety of forms of mobility, as outlined in this Citylab piece.

  • The Longer You Car Share, The Less You Car Share

    This article looks at car sharing, attempting to figure out how many cars are removed from our streets, and what the impact on VMT is. The consensus is 9-13 cars per sharing vehicle (compared to claims of up to 32 cars). But the really interesting finding is that there is substantial VMT reduction even though…

  • “Going Dutch:” What Portland Can Learn from the World’s Cycling Capitol

    It’s been something of a trend lately for Portland bike enthusiasts to travel to the Mecca of bicycling—the Netherlands—and come back full of energy and ideas for improving the bikeability and livability of our city. For the past three summers, Portland State University’s civil engineering program has offered a class exploring the Dutch civil infrastructure,…

  • Join Me in Supporting Sunday Parkways

    Portland has announced the schedule for Sunday Parkways this year (its fifth year). And as in prior years, perhaps even more important this year because of the City budget, the request for fundraising has gone out as well. Last week I made my contribution of $100 to the “Every Dollar Counts” campaign for Sunday Parkways.…

  • My Favorite Apartment Rental Sign