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Kickstart Sunday Parkways

I had a blast yesterday riding around car-free streets in East Portland during the first Sunday Parkways event of the year (four more to come!).

There’s a Kickstarter campaign under way to help support these events, and as I write this, with just 16 hours to go until the deadline, the effort is just $415 short of it’s $5,000 goal (the way Kickstarter works, none of the pledges are redeemed unless the targeted goal is reached).

Please help put this effort over the top! Join me in making a contribution.

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Abstract Art or Modern Transportation?

Would You Rent Out Your Car? Rent Your Neighbor’s?

Via Planetizen:

That’s what an effort in California would allow. If your car is idle for long periods of time, you could put it into a car-share pool. Likewise, you could access your neighbors’ or co-workers’ cars if they were part of the program.

Over at the blog, Dave has an analysis of why the economics of this are so favorable both for car owners and the car-sharing companies.

Join Me in Volunteering for a Sunday Parkway

The City of Portland is hosting FIVE Sunday Parkway events this summer.

These amazing events celebrate community and remind us that streets are for people, not just cars. And they’re a great way to get someone on a bicycle for the first time (or back on a bike after a long time).

But these are volunteer-fueled events. It takes about 400 volunteers to pull off one of these events.

I’ve just signed up to help at the first event in NE Portland on May 16th. Will you join me? There’s a T-shirt for you in it :-)