Category: Automobiles

  • The Future of Car Ownership

    Via Planetizen: Accounting/consulting firm KPMG predicts that the share of multi-car households will drop from today’s 57% to 43% by 2040. That will be driven by a combination of demographics and ridesharing (e.g., Uber) and carsharing (e.g. Zipcar) services. Others suggest that autonomous vehicles could be an additional disrupter.

  • Validation?

    My Twitter feed has been abuzz again this weekend. This time with news of a study that shows a reduction in auto traffic (and emissions) following startup of a light rail line (in Salt Lake City). This is apparently a first. Not having a demonstrated result like this has always been an arrow in the quiver…

  • Oregonian Looks at the Small Picture

    An editorial in today’s O the editorial board calls Earl Blumenauer’s proposed gax tax increase ‘too steep’ and quotes the “non-partisan Tax Foundation” citing Oregon’s gas tax as among the nation’s 20 highest. Looking at the big picture, it’s worth remembering that Oregon’s motor vehicle fees and taxes when added together are among the nation’s…

  • Meet the “P Design Vehicle”

    It is often said of traffic engineers that we’re an auto-centric bunch. I’m sure you’re aware of the list of sins—designing everything to minimize auto delay during the busiest 15 minutes and all that jazz. But what specific auto, pray tell, is at the centre of our auto-centrism? That would be what we in the…

  • U.S. PIRG Report Documents Decline in Driving

    The report indicates two major demographic trends: Baby Boomers are “aging out” of driving, while Millenials are adopting it at much lower rates. The report also makes policy recommendations (review large highway projects) in response to the trends. A NYTimes article today includes coverage of the report.