Bill Would Help Enable Peer-to-peer Car Sharing

Passed on by car-sharing maven Dave Brooks:

I’m sure you are familiar with the concept of car-sharing–a convenient, affordable and sustainable alternative to car ownership. This legislative session, a bill has been introduced to spur what I call “car-sharing 2.0” –car-sharing of private vehicles. Also known as “peer-to-peer car-sharing,” “personal vehicle car-sharing,” Personal Vehicle Carsharing allows private car owners to turn their cars into revenue producers by renting their vehicles through a car-sharing service and earning a percentage of the rental revenue.

Several start-up companies are leading the peer-to-peer car-sharing market and will be primed to do so in Oregon once some legal issues are clarified. To that end, Representative Ben Cannon and Senator Jackie Dingfelder have introduced legislation to establish standards for personal vehicle car-sharing.

The House Transportation and Economic Development Committee has scheduled a hearing on this legislation, House Bill 3149, is scheduled for this Friday, March 4, 1-3 pm in room D of the Capitol. Among other things, the legislation requires a personal vehicle car-sharing program to provide motor vehicle liability insurance when the vehicle is in use in the program and prohibits insurers from canceling a person’s personal auto insurance if their vehicle is used in a personal vehicle car-sharing program. Text of HB 3149 (some amendments are in the works):

Updated information about the progress of P2P carsharing in Oregon can be found at

which also provides links to peer-to-peer car-sharing firms and other useful information.

The sponsors hope you’ll express your support for the bill by contacting members of the committee.

Rep. Cliff Bentz, Co-Chair:
Rep. Tobias Read, Co-Chair:
Rep. Terry Beyer, Co-Vice Chair:
Rep. Patrick Sheehan, Co-Vice Chair:
Rep. Shawn Lindsay:
Rep. Nancy Nathanson:
Rep. Jefferson Smith:
Rep. Jim Weidner:

4 responses to “Bill Would Help Enable Peer-to-peer Car Sharing”

  1. I’m not sure if this will catch on, but I would sign up my car for a system like this and I don’t think the laws need to prevent it from happening

  2. Whoa! This might make me buy that rebuildable Porsche Boxster I am looking at! Or the Nissan 350Z. Of course around here a Nissan Leaf might have more marketability. :) Hopefully, there would be no exclusion of branded title vehicles!

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