TriMet releases final* FY13 budget, cuts (UPDATEDx2)

Release here.

Appears to have the same stuff as before, with a few other service notes.

* The 9 will only serve Powell Boulevard. The Northeast segment of the 9 will be combined with the 17. This was previously hinted at, but is now official.
* TriMet will add service on lines 4, 9, 33, 35, 44, 76 and 94.
* The final routing of Line 16 in NW Portland will go along Front Avenue, not Yeon Avenue. It will serve Sauvie Island.
* The Montgomery Park branch of the 15 will be extended into the NW Industrial area.
* A new line, Line 11, will serve the Rivergate industrial area.

A few items flagged as “potential” changes: UPDATE:TriMet has confirmed that these changes will occur; they are no longer “potential”.

* The 12 will only run between Tigard TC and Parkrose TC. A new line, Line 21-Sandy/223rd will run between Parkrose and Gresham; the 94 will become an all-day route running between Sherwood and Tigard, and will continue to offer peak-hour express service between Tigard and downtown Portland.
* The 82 and 87 will be combined, and the combined route (the 87-Airport Way/181st) will have all-day service.

Thanks to Cam Johnson for his sharp eye.

UPDATE: The new NW service map is now available from TriMet, here it is.


More details at TriMet’s website here.

* Unless TriMet loses (again) to the union, in which case it’s time to break out the chainsaws.

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