TriMet announces scaled-back service cuts (updated)

Note: A few minor updates have been made to this article since it was first published..

Based on rider feedback, TriMet has announced revised budget and service cut proposals for FY13. Unlike the prior plan, which contained $17M in cuts, this plan only contains $12M in cuts, with the caveat that $5M more may be necessary if negotiations/arbitration with the union do not go TriMet’s way.

The executive summary is as follows, posted largely without commentary. We may (and likely will) discuss the proposals in greater detail in a separate post, and readers are encouraged to comment. Official announcement here. Oregonian coverage here.

N/NW Portland

Line 17 would no longer serve NW Portland; it may be combined with the NE part of Line 9 (more on that later). Much of its route would be replaced by Line 16, which would no longer serve NW Naito Parkway. Line 16 will branch at the St. Johns bridge, with one branch going to St. Johns and the other to Sauvie Island. Line 77 would be rereouted to avoid redundancy with the Streetcar, with NW 25th and NW 29th losing service. A new route would serve the Marine Drive between St. Johns and Jubitz.
N/NE Portland

Line 9’s downtown alignment will be kept, however it will (possibly) be combined with the southeast half of the 17. The 70 and 73 will be combined; the southern half of line 9 (Powell) will end downtown. As with the prior proposal, Line 6 will be kept on NE MLK through Delta Park, rather than using Lombard and Denver. As before, Line 8 will be truncated at 9th and Dekum.

Beaverton service changes are mostly the same as before: Line 67 will be truncated at SW Merlo, rather than running along Jenkins, Cedar Hills, Hall, Center, and Lombard to Beaverton TC. Lines 47 and 48 will be combined with line 89; none of these will serve Willow Creek (a transfer to the 52 will be required).
Other bus changes

Fewer cuts to low-service routes would be made. Trip reductions would be made to 15, 18, 36, 37, 43, 50, 55, 59, 89, and 92. (Why 89 appears here when it is being eliminated as indicated above, I’ve no clue).


This proposal does not identify any cuts to MAX service.


The new proposal, like the prior one, would eliminate fare zones. However, the new proposal would permit round trips to be made on a single ticket, if the trip can be made in the allotted time. The previously-announced fare increases would continue to take effect.


Subsidy to the Portland Streetcar will be reduced, as before. Prior changes to LIFT service are also in this proposal. TriMet also claims $1.2M in “internal efficiencies” as part of the new budget.

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