Our Newest Transit Appliance Form Factor

At yesterday’s Transportation Safety Summit I had the chance to demo four different Transit Appliance models (neatly displayed on an Ikea-hacked display stand).

The new model that we unveiled is… an iPad in a wall-mount frame. This one is decked out in the logo and colors for Jefferson High School, where the summit was hosted.

The use case we’re trying to hit is applications where you want to keep the display tightly mounted to a wall – perhaps at eye level at an elevator bank for example.

The technical solution is this iOS html-kiosk app, with a slightly tweaked version of our javascript loader page (the same one we use in the other appliances). At some point I’ll create a download file for folks who want to build this on a DIY basis.

Turns out there are a number of nice frames on the market for iPads, both wooden and metal. We went with this metal one for our demo, but any could work.

No decision yet on whether we’ll add this to our standard price list, but if you’re interested in one, let us know and we can help you pull the pieces together.

For those keeping track, here’s our current price list:

  • 8″-screen Countertop Transit Appliance (WiFi or wired ethernet) – $299
  • Flat-screen Transit Appliance (not including monitor) – $299 for the basic model with a wired ethernet connection (WiFi requires external hardware and is extra)


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