A Couple of Things I’d Like TriMet to Think About

I’ve been following the impact of TriMet’s budget woes with great dismay. It’s very painful to watch this level of degradation to a system. There are a couple of particular choices that I think could stand some further review:

  • There’s no question the changes in fare policy make short trips less attractive. As this blog post by Sarah Gilbert makes clear, this effect is amplified for families. I think TriMet should carefully examine the potential for a family ticket of some kind that fixes a price for a parent and any number of children.
  • Now that the decision has been made to cut the Red Line short at downtown outside of rush hour, what happens if you turn it around at Gateway, rather than downtown? That would be a lot of service hours, and could potentially put a lot of bus service back on the table. Who gets hurt by this (there are still two other lines serving the corridor)? And who benefits? I’d love to see an equity analysis on this.

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