TriMet Hiring CRC Manager

Would you like to manage all the transit aspects of the Columbia River Crossing construction? Now’s the time to apply. And the pay’s not bad.

But wait, I thought we didn’t have any construction funding yet? Who’s going to pay this person?


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  1. Don’t be obtuse. This position will be likely be funded the same way all transit projects are funded while in planning & design phases, as is the case with all the other transit staff at CRC for the past several years. You’re pretty well connected. You should seek out these easy answers and share them here, rather than creating the appearance of mystery where there is none.

  2. But this is not a planning function, it’s construction management. My beef here is the lack of transparency in how ongoing work is being funded.

    I hope there’s an IGA with ODOT to fund this. If not, it’s coming out of TriMet’s budget at a time when there are going to have to cut service even further due to budget constraints.

  3. DE,

    Where will the money come to pay for this person’s time in two years when they “suspend” the CRC project?

  4. Chris I,

    Pretty sure they don’t need to pay someone for managing a suspended project. Again, I suspect the resourceful and connected hosts of this site could make one phone call to Portland Streetcar and find out what happens to staff spending when a project is put on suspension.

    Seems like a separate issue from how one is paid while a project is active.

  5. I was implying that the money would be wasted once this project is suspended. It seems like it would be prudent of Trimet to wait until funding is secured for the project before they start paying someone six figures to manage it…

  6. If only you could wait until construction to hire a manager. Unfortunately, that is not the case. All of these projects have managers who keep the project moving through their various phases of planning, design, construction. If you don’t spend the money to get the project ready for funding, you would never get funding.

  7. Hello – did anyone take the 30 seconds to click thru to the posting and read the job description? Just in case you didn’t, it lists 10 functions; 3 of them reference construction. The job title is not construction manager as this thread’s lead-in implies; rather it looks like TriMet’s lead person on the job, starting now.

    An earlier commentor noted the benefits of continuity thru the planning, design, and construction phases. That is not rocket science.
    I hope the good folk of this site are not advocating that TriMet push away from the table and let others plan, design, and (possibly) build the transit portion of the project. Or, perish the thought, is this thread a way of chumming for anti-CRC posts? Portland Transport has to date been pretty self-regulating as to the hyperbole, drama, and general fact-free quality of other sites. Here’s hoping it stays that way. So yeah, nothing to see here, people.

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