Category: Columbia Crossing

  • CRC Bill Comes Due When?

    Oregon and Washington are arguing about how much of the $135M that the Feds want to be repaid will be assigned to each state, and when repayments will begin.

  • Cars are from Mars, Busses (and Bikes and Trains) are from Venus

    In the open thread, I mentioned that a Clark County legislator (Republican Liz Pike) wanted to “restart” the CRC project.  The Columbian has the scoop–and not surprisingly, Rep. Pike’s opening bid is to get rid of light rail.  Obviously, such a proposal isn’t going to be acceptable to those of us in Oregon–a state of…

  • Metro: CRC Stays in Regional Transportation Plan

    Metro staff reported to JPACT this morning (a meeting of local elected officials who pass judgement on regional transportation policy) that the Columbia River Crossing would remain in the version of the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) being updated as we speak. The rationale is that the RTP designation is not for a specific project design…

  • Life After the CRC, What Now?

    The Columbia River Crossing in its current form is dead (maybe). What happens now? The 2015 Legislative Session has been touted to be the next opportunity for a big transportation package. What might that look like absent the CRC? Here are a few possibilities: An urban transportation agenda. Mayor Hales has suggested that perhaps now…

  • ODOT Announces CRC Shutdown

    Speaker Kotek threw in the towel and the legislature adjourned without passing funding. ODOT has announced the project office will shut down by May 31. But is the Zombridge really dead?