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Bicycles IN Airports

We all know that PDX has made it manageable (I won’t quite say easy, yet) to take a bike to or from the airport.

But I’m now returning from an extended trip to the east coast (if you’ve noticed my post volume is down a bit, now you know why) and on this trip I’ve been somewhat intrigued to see security personally tooling around the terminals (inside, on the carpet) on bicycles in multiple airports, including PDX.

Is this a new trend, or am I just noticing it?

Park Your Scooter by the Month?

Since the City of Portland introduced SmartMeters (pay stations) for on-street parking several years ago, one of the ongoing complaints is that you can’t securely attach the sticker to a motorcycle or scooter. Someone can easily come along and steal your sticker.

PBOT now has an answer, a monthly permit you can buy in lieu of using the meters.

You’re still restricted by the maximum time limit in the zone, but for $40 per month you can park all you want.

My question: is $40 a good price for this? How often would you need to park your scooter or hog to make it worthwhile?

Pedaling Toward a Healthier Planet

That’s the subtitle of Mia Birk’s new book “Joyride”.

Mia is CEO of Alta Planning and was Bicycle Coordinator for the City of Portland during the period when much of today’s bicycle network was conceived and initially implemented.

The book is constructed as autobiography, but in fact serves as a very insightful history of how Portland became the cycling city that it is. It’s easy to take what we have today for granted, but as Mia documents, each improvement was a hard-won victory.

Ride on, Mia.