Park Your Scooter by the Month?

Since the City of Portland introduced SmartMeters (pay stations) for on-street parking several years ago, one of the ongoing complaints is that you can’t securely attach the sticker to a motorcycle or scooter. Someone can easily come along and steal your sticker.

PBOT now has an answer, a monthly permit you can buy in lieu of using the meters.

You’re still restricted by the maximum time limit in the zone, but for $40 per month you can park all you want.

My question: is $40 a good price for this? How often would you need to park your scooter or hog to make it worthwhile?

3 responses to “Park Your Scooter by the Month?”

  1. I doubt people will be lining up to buy the new passes at that price.

    For comparison–commuting Mon-Fri by scooter, I paid about $30 per month in gas. Insurance is less than $15 per month.

  2. I can park my scooter at Smart Park garages for $30 a month. I see no reason to have this pass. I’ve never had a sticker removed from my scooter, either.

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