Bicycles IN Airports

We all know that PDX has made it manageable (I won’t quite say easy, yet) to take a bike to or from the airport.

But I’m now returning from an extended trip to the east coast (if you’ve noticed my post volume is down a bit, now you know why) and on this trip I’ve been somewhat intrigued to see security personally tooling around the terminals (inside, on the carpet) on bicycles in multiple airports, including PDX.

Is this a new trend, or am I just noticing it?

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  1. Well, they’re cheaper than Segways. However, I wonder how much more effectively they’re seen vs. people walking (and running) given the limited environment. But since they’re probably kept inside and clean, and ridden responsibly, I don’t see any issue. There’s also motorized carts after all.

    And welcome back! But I’m curious what you think PDX could do to improve bike access. Don’t they have a bike assembly place now, for those who don’t consider their bikes as baggage?

  2. My primary hope for bike access to PDX is that there would be more entry points from the City’s bike network into the airport area (for example from Columbia Blvd and/or Cully).

  3. Are there bike lockers at the airport? It would be nice to have the option to bike there with your backpack/carry-on and have a secure place to store your bike while you’re away. I expect there isn’t a lot of demand for it right now … but it shouldn’t cost THAT much for PDX to set up a half-dozen experimental long-term storage lockers/cages for travelers and see if anyone uses them.

  4. I saw a fat cop on a Segway at IND on Thursday night when I got home from a trip. That seems to be a common appearance. Ive traveled a lot this year between Indy and South Texas and have went through Houston Intercontinental, Houston Hobby, DFW and Atlanta and I haven’t seen a bicycle at any of them. DFW, Houston Intercontinental & ATL are ridiculously busy though, so it is difficult to fathom someone efficiently getting around on one. It is difficult enough to navigate around people who are weaving around.

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