Build Your Own HCT System

Metro has launched a tool that lets you select your own set of High Capacity Transit corridors, which will then be scored on cost, ridership and other factors.

Take it out for a spin.

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2 responses to “Build Your Own HCT System”

  1. My initial reaction: pretty close to useless. It limits you to only the handful of corridors Metro is still studying. It doesn’t let you chose modes — they are either preselected (new light rail) or unspecified. Since Metro’s definition of high capacity transit could include BRT, rapid streetcar, light rail or commuter rail, there will be differences between passengers served, capital cost and operating cost for each option. However, you aren’t given a choice, and the capital costs, operating costs, etc. for each corridor are arbitrarily assigned.

    I’m not sure what the value of this exercise is, when the only option for Wilsonville/Tualatin (for example) is “new light rail” as opposed to “cutting a deal with P&W to allow more frequent commuter train service throughout the day while shifting freight traffic to evening.”

  2. The feedback area was almost more interesting than using the applet. I repeated essentially what Douglas K said in his post for the last question about “other feedback.”

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