WES: Fall opening falls behind.

TriMet has delayed the opening of WES until February 2nd, primarily due to problems with the railcar vendor.

From the press release:

TriMet purchased three self-propelled Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU) cars and one trailer from Colorado Railcar Manufacturing (CRM). TriMet contracted with CRM, the only U.S. firm that builds DMUs that meets federal safety standards and complies with the Buy America requirement.

CRM has been financially distressed and is six months behind schedule. In January 2008, TriMet stepped in to ensure the cars’ completion, including providing financial and rail engineering expertise and on-site technical assistance to CRM, as well as paying suppliers to get parts delivered and maintain CRM operations. When the third DMU arrived in September, TriMet engineers determined that it would not be ready for service this fall.

See the press release for more details about the opening, the delay, and train testing.

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