Royce Pollard on the CRC and Transit

Update: 1/27/07

The Oregonian gets behind Royce with an editorial in support of Light Rail to Clark County.

Original Post: 1/25/07

Vancouver (USA) Mayor Royce Pollard called for bringing Light Rail to Vancouver on the Columbia River Crossing in his State of the City address, according to yesterday’s Oregonian.

“I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating,” Pollard said. “Vancouver and Clark County residents have the cheapest buy-in to one of the most successful light-rail systems in the world, the MAX system. There is over $5 billion invested in light rail across the river. We can tap into that system at a very minimal cost. And believe me, we’d be foolish not to.”

Pollard also referenced global warming and called for a $20-per-vehicle license tax to support other transportation projects in the city.

Go Royce!

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