One Down, One to Go

I’ve described our family before as 3.5 drivers with two cars. Well, that changed this week.

Our youngest 1.5 drivers (son with license, daughter with learner’s permit) have left for school (both without cars). We celebrated by letting go of one of the cars, via the Portland Transport vehicle donation program.

So we’re now two drivers with one car. I’ll keep lobbying my partner about that last hunk of steel…

2 responses to “One Down, One to Go”

  1. Congrats.

    Does driving a race car count as 1/2 a driver or a full driver?

    I’ll just be happy when my only car bills are solely for the entertainment of driving a 150+mph at the race track and I dare touch an interstate again.

    I’ve always been of the strong opinion and policy that a car should be used ONLY for entertainment purposes and not a primary mode of transit for work, food shopping, and such. So far I am no hypocrit of my strong opinion.

  2. BTW Chris,

    I haven’t seen you post my link to the Oregonian article on Pearl District expansion (“Polishing a Vision North of the Pearl”). In conjunction with Will Macht’s proposal for Vancouver (if accepted) and reevaluation of the CRC route, this article points up the inevitability of high density development along both riverfronts in the Metropolitan area. Linking them with an attractive (but affordable) rail system (i.e Streetcar) would be essential to the development process and needs to be alllowed into debate before discussion get too far along.

    The CRC is going to have a vigorous debate. Being able to view projects which pertain to the alternatives would, I think, benefit this discussion board. Once again the link is: In the print edition it was “Polishing the Pearl’s Edge” by Dylan Rivera.