Google Transit Launches with TriMet

We got scooped by News4Neighbors, but here it is: today Google launched a Transit Trip Planner, using TriMet as their first partner, so right now it’s a Portland exclusive.

My favorite part is the comparison of driving costs with the transit fare!

What this highlights is that TriMet has great data, and a real willingness to be innovative. Here at Portland Transport we’re very well aware of this. Tomorrow we’ll be launching a transit tool of our own, relying on TriMet’s data. Watch this space…

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5 responses to “Google Transit Launches with TriMet”

  1. My brother who will be visiting from Florida over the holidays has requested information from both TriMet and C-Tran via email about using the two systems for a single trip…he’ll be staying in Vancouver, but traveling most days to our father’s place in Portland. Both web sites indicate that you can travel without paying two fares (except for C-Tran Premium service), but then seem to contradict this in the details provided. At a time when the I-5 corridor is our most congested, it borders on criminal that these two transit systems make it more difficult and costly to cross the river/border between OR and WA without a car.

  2. Boy, the Google product is pre-beta. It took me many, many tries to get it to recognize my location, and then it gave me very bad advice (walking to Foster to catch a 14 in to town, when I’m starting a few yards from Holgate!).

    But I do believe they’ll get it right over time.


    Sorry for the all caps. *ahem* yea. sorry, nothing to see here, folks. move along, move along, and go google your own bus!

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