Another Perspective on Bridgeport Village

Readers of this site will recognize that we have not been hesitant to criticize the new Bridgeport Village “Lifestyle Center” (the new term for shopping mall) in Durham. Its lack of multi-modal connectivity and the fact that it is not located where the 2040 plan calls for a center to occur (along with supporting transportation infrastructure) have been called out in past posts.

But recently, we heard criticism from a direction we had not anticipated – the freight community. Attending a meeting of the Portland Freight Committee we heard frustration on two fronts:

1) Bridgeport Village is creating congestion on I-5 that slows movement of other goods and services (a criticism also applied to the Woodburn factory outlet stores).

2) It is poorly designed for delivery of goods to the mall itself, increasing costs.

Let’s hope local decision makers around the region can learn from this cautionary tale.

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