My Trip: Proof Positive that Bridgeport Village is a Hermetically Sealed Environment

Last week my usual commute to Wilsonville took a detour. Since I had a mid-morning meeting in downtown Portland, I couldn’t catch the 96 as I usually do.

Since I also wanted to visit the Container Store (I’m an organization freak), I put my bike on the #12 and got off at Highway 99 and Hall Blvd. and pedaled down Hall and 72nd to Bridgeport Village (planning to catch the SMART bus from the Tualatin Transit Center to Wilsonville).

Riding through the mall, I got a strange look from one of the security folks directing traffic. When I reached the store, I was surprised to find no bike racks. I eventually found them inside the parking structure (apparently they’re too messy to put on the faux ‘streets’).

I’m sure they met code requirements, as there were no less than 45 hoops for bike parking. And at noon on a weekday, my bike was the ONLY one parked there. Now I understand the look from the security guy – he must not see a lot of bikes…

[Apologies for the washed out cell phone photo.]

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  1. My dog almost got arrested at Bridgeport Village. I made the mistake of taking him with me on a shopping trip. As we left the garage, we got some strange looks from the security guards/valets but no comments. I tied him to a tree at Borders and after about 15 minutes returned to find him surrounded by two very official looking people. A security guard and an administrative type. The type told me that dogs weren’t allowed at Bridgeport Village. When I asked how we were to know that since there are no signs to that effect, she replied that it’s posted on the website. I bet we can count on the fingers of one hand the number of people who surf web sites to find out the “rules” before visiting a shopping center. Just more proof of the Stepford-quality of Bridgeport.

  2. The last statement about this women’s dog almost being arrested at Bridgeport Village is totally fallacious. There is no where on the website that states that “no dogs are allowed” at Bridgeport Village.

    [Personally directed comment removed for violation of Rule #3.]

  3. Brendan –

    This may come as a complete surprise to you, but over the years I have had occasional encounters with security personnel who had no idea what their real duties and limits were, and rather than admit that fact, would just make up “rules” on the spot.

    I would not be so quick to accuse the woman who posted the item about her dog of making a “fallacious” statement.

    – Bob R.

  4. I understand you feeling towards security personnel if that is the case but don’t over exagerate the facts. Dogs are welcome at Bridgeport Village anytime as long as they are attended. I am an employee here and I know for a fact that we support dogs being in our center. We have a dog boutique called Lexi Dog and we also keep bowls of water outside stores and dog treats at the Guest Services Kiosk. The problem with the dog is that it wasn’t attended. Please in future make sure that you stay with your dog. That way no one will have a problem with it.
    As for the bikes. We frequently have people on bikes here and you are missing the fact that we actually have bike racks in a couple places throughout the center in attractive locations. If you only looked by the Container Store you are correct in seeing that they are in the parking garage but might I point out that we are in Oregon and most people appreciate their bike being protected from the elements when it rains. It is a courtesy we extend to our patrons to make sure that there personal property is not damaged. Thank you!

  5. The problem with the dog is that it wasn’t attended. Please in future make sure that you stay with your dog. That way no one will have a problem with it.

    I walk to the bakery down the street, to Safeway, to New Seasons, to shops on Hawthorne all the time. I tie my dog up outside when I go inside. If I couldn’t do this, how could I shop?

    Dogs are clearly not welcome at Bridgeport Village. Or can we take them in the stores with us so they are “attended?”

  6. I am the “administrative type” that Cynthia Kirk is referring to above! We of course allow pets on Bridgeport Village property. You can often find our General Manager walking his boxer through the property during the weekend. It’s up to each individual store as to whether or not they will allow pets inside and many of them do. The issue in this case was that the dog was tied to a tree and left unattended. I had the opportunity to hang out with her dog (who was adorable and very pleasant) while she was in the bookstore. As I explained to her at the time, dogs can be unpredictable and even during this specific instance there were families walking by with small children who were uncomfortable with the dog being in such close proximity outside the control of his owner. Some of the sweetest dogs with mild temperaments can get excited and sometimes aggressive when the owner is not present. I am well aware of this being the mother of two very friendly but rather large dogs who just LOVE to get up close and personal with strangers! Part of my responsibility at Bridgeport Village is to ensure safety and comfort for all of our guests, and I will go out of my way to make sure everyone feels welcome especially when I’m talking with a guest who has unknowingly violated a pet policy. There was absolutely no threat of her or her dog being arrested! We don’t have pet signage posted on all trees, posts and various landscaped areas as we very rarely come across this; however, our code of conduct policies are available at the Guest Services Kiosk and on our website. I agree with Cynthia, not many people check a shopping center’s website before shopping there. When I take my dogs out I’ll typically either call ahead or check the website of our destination to see whether or not dogs are allowed and what the pet policies are just to avoid this type of scenario. My dogs get awfully excited to be out in public and when we have to pack them back into the car and take them home before they get a chance to play I can see their disappointment and it breaks my heart!

    I never intended to offend Ms. Kirk by staying there with her dog and letting her know that in the future he couldn’t be left alone without her or another care-taker tending to him. Cynthia, I sincerely apologize if that’s how I was perceived!

    Thank you for allowing me to clear this up,

    Allie Stewart
    Bridgeport Village

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