Category: Transportation and Health

  • Streets for Aging Boomers

    As someone who in the last few years has become “AARP-eligible”, this becomes more interesting every year: Portland State University Center for Transportation Studies Spring 2011 Transportation Seminar Series Speakers: Margaret Neal, Jennifer Dill, Arlie Adkins, Gretchen Luhr, Portland State University Topic: Demonstrating the Benefits of Green Streets for Active Aging When: Friday, May…

  • Walkable Happiness

    This USA Today article points to a study that suggests that people who live in walkable neighborhoods are happier: They found those in neighborhoods with higher Walk Score ratings reported being happier and healthier and more apt to volunteer, work on community projects or simply entertain friends at home.

  • Assessing Health Impacts of Active Transportation

    Portland State University Center for Transportation Studies Fall 2010 Transportation Seminar Series Speaker: Brendon Haggerty, Program Coordinator, Planning Active Walkable Neighborhoods, Clark County Public Health Topic: Applying Health Impact Assessment to Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning Abstract: As part of Clark County Public Health’s Planning Active Walkable Neighborhoods project, a Health Impact Assessment (HIA) was conducted…

  • Not-to-be-missed Webinar

    This summer I enthused about a presentation by Dr. Eric France, a preventative medicine specialist from Kaiser in Denver who was visiting our region to learning about cycling here. Dr. France is back home and is about to give the presentation as a webinar on Monday from 11am-noon (that’s 12-1 Mountain Time). If you didn’t…

  • Bike, Take the Bus, Live Longer

    Via Planetizen. (walking counts too)