Category: I-205/Mall Light Rail

  • Architect Weighs in on Transit Mall

    Over at Portland Architecture, architect Rick Potestio weighs in on the Urban Design aspects of the Transit Mall project. His conclusion: a subway is the best answer. Short of that, put both north- and south-bound trains on Sixth Ave, with a few key blocks underground. And he mentions bike culture in Amsterdam…

  • Transit Mall Discussion Shifts to Columbia/Jefferson

    The Transit Mall is back in the news this morning, with a Trib article on the impact to Columbia and Jefferson. So I have two questions to propose for discussion today: 1) If we assume that the current plan is going forward (all indications are the decision is not going to get revisited by any…

  • City Council Members Support Transit Mall Plan

    This morning’s Oregonian (sorry, the article is not online) reports that Mayor Potter and Transportation Commissioner Sam Adams support continuing the Transit Mall plan following yesterdays presentation to the steering committee. Adams’ quote: I have been looking for the fatal flaw that would cause me to recommend a delay, and I have not found it.

  • DNA Opposes Transit Mall Plan

    Update: Jim Karlock has posted a video of the meeting (Real Media). My sources tell me the Downtown Neighborhood Association just voted to oppose the Transit Mall plan, but I don’t have any specific details about their opposition. Were any of our readers there? Can you fill us in?

  • TriMet Convenes Mall Steering Committee – Tomorrow

    I just received an e-mail notice that TriMet is convening the Transit Mall Steering Committee tomorrow (Thursday, 2/22) from 1:30-3pm. The meeting will be in the Pettygrove Room of City Hall. The agenda includes a review of the operations plan and opportunity for public testimony.